Freelance graphic designer / print design services

Freelance graphic design services, an affordable and easy way to get your design stuff done

Freelance graphic design / print design services

Designs work as another medium of communication and holds a unique appeal when it comes to target audience at large scale. Businesses rely heavily on print campaigns to make a distinctive identity of themselves in the market. Print campaigns helps companies to drive positive attention towards their product and turn the audience into potential customers.

With a great design strategy you can easily take your brand one step higher and I’m here with my creative design solutions, to make your brand a voice of your vision.

Advertising campaigns Design

Advertising campaigns are considered one of the most influential and effective form of marketing and the reason behind companies major dependence on this form is the way it promotes and introduces the audience to the product. Companies love to play with advertising campaigns. With new trend coming up, companies are making contemporary ads with which people can easily relate with.

Advertisements in newspapers and magazines provides a better circulation and popularity to your product and as a professional freelance graphic designer, I have an experience of delivering out of the box design campaigns that will lead your brand in the market and gives you an edge over competitors. I make tailor- made designs to create better impact.

leaflet designer

Leaflet Design

Leaflet is another professional design element and used as a popular promotional tool. Leaflet comes as a handy structure in professional events, public places, exhibitions etc and spread a word about company to larger audience. With subtle design format and necessary information only, leaflets provides core information about brand’s vision & philosophy.

I am a professional freelance leaflet designer, based in Delhi-NCR region. I have an experience of providing expert service to international clients from Australia and Canada. In cost- efficient manner, I tend to provide fine quality services to my clients. With the ideal use of colours and font, my creations can attract your target audiences.

Catalogues Design

Catalogues works on both online and offline medium and are designed to make a direct connection between the desired product and the potential customers. With informative structure, catalogues serves as an essential marketing tool for brands.

With unparalleled catalogue services, I am professional Catalogue designer based in Delhi-NCR-Gurgaon region. I create jaw dropping and stunning design to communicate your content as powerfully and effectively as possible. I have an experience of collaborating with companies of different shapes and provided them fine quality catalogue designs. With a promise of delivering best, Tripu Designs will help your brand flourish in the industry.

brochure designer

Brochures / Magazines Design

Brochures are one of the most considerate forms of marketing of the product. Organizations rely on brochures because it promises to deliver essential information to target audience in the most effective manner. Brochure works as a portable information system for brand as people can easily take it with them anywhere and learn about various things related to brand at their convenience.

With experience of working for more than 10+ years in this digital industry, I have an expertise in creating stunning brochure and magazine designs. As a freelance brochure designer in gurgaon, I have worked with dozens of companies and helps them with unique and subtle designs to leave a long lasting impact on the audience. I make use of industry leading software tools like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc. to craft a customized brochure that appeals to all the sections of the target audience.

Food Menu Design

The digitalization and continuous tech invention has led to so many revolutions in the business industry and food companies are no longer behind in enjoying this rapid digitization. With the widespread popularity, many restaurants have opted for menu design services to increase their reach on virtual platform. From reserving table to delivering food from online menu, people can perform every task through the website or application.

If you are also into restaurant business and looking for an opportunity to take your restaurant services online, let me help you. I am working as an experienced freelance menu designer in the industry from a decade and has an experience of creating highly attractive, captivating menu designs that your customers automatically develop a liking towards your restaurant dishes.

food menu designer
newsletter designer

Newsletters Design

These days, email newsletters turns out to be a highly economical promotional strategy for businesses to reach target audience. Through newsletter, it becomes comparatively easy to get the attention from the customers. These newsletters not only help you in captivating the attention of prospective customers but also allow you to target new opportunities & clients.

At Tripu Design, I work with professional content writer to create subtle and suitable newsletter for your clients. With professional newsletter services, I emphasize on taking care of your business reputation by providing you the relevant content and showcasing you as an industry leader in market. My Newsletter Design services will increase your reach among the public and will improve your visibility.

Annual reports Design

For every company, be it a small or large, startup or already established giant conglomerate, they all need annual reports to create a long lasting impression on their stakeholders. Annual reports can be used as a strong marketing tool for promotion because what’s more attractive than your good records. To stimulate your business, annual record turns out to be a concrete evidence of growth.

Now, forget heavy files and papers of every quarter. You can get you annual report in digital or brochure format to make it look more effective. I am a professional report designer in gurgaon, with experience of working with multiple companies, has an experience of creating annual report, sustainability report and presentations. With complete support, I take assurance of report from designing to delivery

annual report designer
freelance poster designer

Poster Design Design

Posters make communication more easy. Catchy designs , vibrant colors, strong layout and bold typography with perfect image leaves a long lasting impact on viewers mind. Whether it is small A3 size poster of a large hoarding type, it works equally for the company and help the audience to reach directly to the product. Posters help business houses in reaching mass audience simultaneously. It is one of the most favoured forms of marketing because it conveys exactly the right messages what companies are trying to deliver.

The leading design agency of Delhi-NCR, Tripu Design offers both print posters & digital poster services to their customers. I create stunning posters which increases your sales and helps in the firm establishment of your brand in the market. I offer expert freelance graphic design services to my clients.

Tripu designs offers creative print solutions for every digital problems. From catalogue and brochure designing to company’s annual report, I deliver expert design services to manage your every need. As an expert in digital industry I aims to provide a variety of services to all kinds of business in minimum time frame. Get your print game strong with my professional skills


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