Freelance Logo Design / Branding Services

With great design, make your product stand out in the crowd. My design solution will communicate your brand’s image.

Freelance logo design / Branding services

Every day we see hundreds of entrepreneurs coming up with the aim of becoming the leader of industry through digital strategies. With increasing competition all around the spaces, it has become extremely important to be unique so that people can remember the brand even in crowd. Strong branding is what constitutes the successful story of product.

Since there’s competition all around, each company tries to make a separate identity of them through unique logo and branding strategies.I collaborate with various companies and create a new digital identity for them. Allow me to shape your brand with my professional services

Brand identity Design

Brands become popular through strong and appealing branding strategies. Aesthetic features and minimalistic details make the brand stand out in the crowd. Strong brand identity is what leads the business and helps them to reach their target audience and to build a strong brand identity, each part of business contributes equally.

Branding does not merely involve designing- it requires a proper understanding of audience psychology. As a freelance branding expert based in Delhi-NCR, I have an experience of collaborating with various companies across the globe. I provide unique, fresh and appealing branding and promotional design services to overcome your digital problems. My services will help in establishing a significant presence of your brand in both online and offline platforms.

freelance logo designer
freelance logo designer

Logo Design Services

Good design has the power to turn the audience into the customers. Logo is also a kind of design which holds the entire identity of the company. Attractive logo defines business goals, vision and ideologies and it becomes extremely important to have a distinct one to stand above the competitors.

With experience of more than 10 years, I excel at designing unique logo design for various companies. I am working as a freelance logo designer and create aesthetically beautiful logos that define values of your organization and also brings more business for you. While designing logo, I make sure that the design crafted is flexible enough to stand out on any platform and base. Besides crafting splendid designs, I also provide customization services to also modify the already designed logo.

Business Card Design Services

Despite digital platforms, business cards still holds the significance in business industry. Business cards brings new confidence and works as an impressive asset for your brand and business. Business cards carries the entire identity of your company. Business card helps you to reach more audience of offline platform.

Tripu Design offers its customers a wide range of splendid business card designs with numerous features including the variety of material and finish and sizes. As a professional freelance Graphic designer based in Delhi- NCR region, I make sure my classy business card designs fulfill your requirements and make a whopping impression on the clients. I offer the most stunning and creative Business Cards that will mark a unique identity and help your business to stand out.

freelance business card designer
Branding consultancy

Branding Consultancy

Solutions that will bring measurable business to your organization. Branding is an essential part to establish company in the market. A focus on your brand strategy can drive competitive advantage and profitable growth to the business. Unique Brand strategies distinguishes the brand from its competitors.

As a professional digital expert, I have an experience of bringing new insights to the business and help organizations to adapt themselves in a new market without losing out on anything. I assure my clients to deliver the best services. My experience in the industry helps me to identify and bridge the gaps of branding and provide several revisions required for the betterment of the business.

Stationary Design

When people are moving with fast pace, they do not have enough time to care for anything but only best. Creating a unique identity is essential to survive in the competitive industry. Letterheads, stamps, envelopes might be a small elements for business but they can help the brands to get noticed on a large scale.

Personalised stationery brings a tremendous impact to your business and through my expert services, I craft brilliant stationery for businesses to make their presence strong on both offline and online platforms. Stationary designing fuels my passion and I make sure to deliver the best designs to my clients.

stationary design
exhibition graphic designer

Exhibition graphics

Promoting a brand in an event can become a tedious task for companies sometime. The graphics of your stall at the event will catches consumer attention first rather than any other things. Having a unique exhibition stall with all modern and contemporary feel is a necessity to stand out of the crowd. Your graphics need to be eye catchy and should be interesting enough to capture audience attention for a longer period of time.

As a leading freelance graphic design based in delhi-NCR, I will help your company to deliver your brand’s message as strongly as possible. Whether it requires your product’s promotion or want to grab new opportunities, I deliver exactly what you want. Get a unique and creative exhibition stand for your brand that will set you out from the rest.


Packaging is the major force behind the success of any product as customer first interacts with the packaging of product. Packaging captivates the attention of the audience and convert them into potential customers. Packaging design leaves a greater impact on the minds of customers and help brand to successfully stand out of the crowd.

Strong packaging triggers the company sales and that’s what my designs aims to achieve. As a professional freelance packaging designer, I have an experience of over 10+ years in the field and has worked with major companies in Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Canada, Australia and Dubai region. My design skills and quality helps your business to get a new identity. I assure to provide classy, subtle and exceptionally beautiful designs.

packaging designer
digital branding

Digital Branding

Gone are those days when traditional public relations techniques were enough to build a strong brand position in the industry. With changing scenario, we are moving towards an entire digital based environment. Digital branding techniques helps to improve the visibility of the brand and it has become more important than it has ever been.

DIgital branding uses traditional concepts in a modern and contemporary way. With the combination of PR, social media platform and creative content, I work towards increasing your business visibility on online platform. With my expert services, take your brand name to the top of the digital world.

Branding is necessary for brands to maintain an image among customers. It is essential for companies to have a distinctive identity to enjoy competitive edge in the industry. With creative and unique logo, stationery and branding designs, I create designs that represents you and your brand. Convey you brand’s vision with expert services.


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