Freelance web designing / digital design Services

Freelance web design services which can make your presence digitally

Freelance web design / digital design Services

Digitization and rapid tech improvements as forced every business to have a strong presence on all virtual platforms. Companies are reaching large audiences with their websites, social media relationships and constant interaction over application like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Tripu Designs specializes in providing digital and web design services help companies to enhance their online visibility and improve their customer reach.

Website Designing

Having a strong online presence has become a necessity for each and every company irrespective of the size. Whether small or big, all companies are worried about their corporate identity on digital platforms. Websites have become backbone of digital world and as per reports consumers trust products with website more than those products which lack any online presence.

With an experience of developing modern and contemporary websites for several brands, I am a Freelance website designer in Delhi-NCR. I have a passion for creating user friendly websites that your consumers will love browsing. My expertise help me to create a significant position of brands on different online platforms.

freelance website designer
freelance wordpress developer

Wordpress Development

Strong website creates a positive impression of brand on the minds of the audience. It speaks about your company’s vision, ideology and philosophy. Every business company, even competitors have websites.

As a leading freelance website developer, I develop websites and work on several CMS like Wordpress. Along with web development, I also provide web hosting and maintenance services. Depending upon your requirement, I create robust and dynamic website with easy navigation which are extremely user friendly in nature. I am expert in providing front-end and back- end development services. We just do not provide the website to our customers but also provide other necessities that are essential for their website to grow.

E-Commerce Solutions

Rapid changes in technology has brought a significant increase in the demand of e commerce websites. E commerce is on global rise and as a professional andas an expert freelance e commerce website developer, I enable startup and brands to sell their products directly online. Showcase your products and services with our dynamic e commerce websites.

I optimize your online presence and help your business rank in the best possible position, ensuring your customers can easily find your business online.

e-commerce developer
ui ux designer

UI / UX Design for Web / Mobile

Designs are always created while keeping the target audience in mind. Designs concepts rely heavily on consumer’s taste and preferences. Every company wants their website to offer great experience to their users. Users prefer websites that provide smooth surfing not complexities.

Understanding the need of consumers, I design structure that makes humans interactions with products a little easier. As a leading freelance UI/UX designer, I create splendid that will blend seamlessly with your company’s vision and goals. My experience in this domain will help in reducing the gap between the potential consumers and the products.

eBook design

With a fast moving life, people have become super busy with their routine life. E-books has come to rescue for those who love reading but stuck with their daily routines. E-books are portable and can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

Ebooks offers strong visuals and ease to users and as an expert, I provide various ebook related services to my clients. I take care of book formatting, cover designs and print formatting. I will work with you to generate a fully customized eBook and write high-quality copy designed to inform and engage your target audience.

ebook designer
emailer designer

Email design

E-mail are still considered as one of the most formal way of communication. E- mail marketing has become another effective tool for companies to captivate the attention of larger audience in minimum cost. Every organization uses bulk email marketing strategy to target their potential customers.

With my professional services, I help you create and conceptualize personalized email campaigns. Tripu designs provides transactional and promotional bulk Email marketing services that will help you to create a stronger relationship with larger audience at a fraction of the amount.

Social media graphics

Images hold more power than words. People connect more with images. we are surrounded by a lot of information but the truth is, while we have a lot of information to share, there are very few who are interested in in-depth reading and understanding of the context & in this situation social media graphics becomes really handy.

Social media graphics assimilate a lot of information in few shapes and designs and present comprehensive content in precise format.

As a professional graphic designer, I work in an effective manner to convey your message to the target audience. With a lot of research that include color selection, font design elements, I try to create designs that complements the mood of your content

social media designer
social media marketing

Social media Marketing

Social Media has become more popular than ever before and who doesn’t know what position social media holds in our life. Social media has given a new platform to companies to interact and communicate with their customers on a more personal level. With a strong social media base, you can increase the reach of your product and attract a large number of people in a relatively shorter period of time.

Based in Delhi-NCR, I have experience on promoting brands on social media with a proper strategy. I’ll provide a monthly content calendar for proper management. As a professional social media designer, I assure to create a strong base for your online presence on all platforms

Become a leader on online platform too. Get ahead of your competitors and create a strong base of your brand on social media and other digital domains. From website design and development to handling social media platforms, I manage and provide expert services in all domains. Tripu Designs is a leading platform that offers a wide range of services in digital industry.


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